92 (ninety-two) is the natural number following 91 and preceding 93.

In mathematics

92 is:

a pentagonal number.
palindromic in bases 6 (2326), 7 (1617), 22 (4422), and 45 (2245).
an Erdős–Woods number, since it is possible to find sequences of 92 consecutive integers such that each inner member shares a factor with either the first or the last member.

There are 92 Johnson solids. The snub dodecahedron has 92 faces, the most an Archimedean solid can have.

For n = 8, there are 92 solutions in the n-Queens Problem.

There are 92 «atomic elements» in the Look-and-say sequence, corresponding to the 92 non-transuranic elements in the chemist’s periodic table.
In science

The atomic number of uranium, an actinide.
Messier object M92, a magnitude 7.5 globular cluster in the constellation Hercules
The New General Catalogue object NGC 92, a magnitude 13.1 peculiar spiral galaxy in the constellation Phoenix, and a member of Robert’s Quartet

In other fields

Ninety-two is also:

The code for international direct dial phone calls to Pakistan.
The numeric code for the Hauts-de-Seine department of France. The number is reflected in the department’s postal code, plus the names of the local rugby union and basketball clubs, respectively Racing 92 and Nanterre 92.
In the title of the book Ninety-two in the Shade, by Thomas McGuane.
The 92nd Tiger book by Michael Gilbert
The House on 92nd Street, a 1945 film
The model number of the gray Texas Instruments TI-92 graphing calculator
The Beretta 92 series of semi-automatic pistols.
The «Illustrious «92» or «Glorious 92»: Massachusetts legislators who refused to rescind the Massachusetts Circular Letter soliciting other British colonies’ support in resistance to the Townshend Acts prior to the American Revolution. Analogous to the number 45 in reference to the protests of John Wilkes against British corruption.
The Guinness record of the longest placename, Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaurehaeaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu, has 92 characters.
The ISBN Group Identifier for books published by international publishers such as UNESCO.
The number which runs through almost every single of British film-maker Peter Greenaway’s films. This number has special association with the fictional character of Greenaway’s creation, Tulse Luper. It is said the number itself is based on a mathematical error in calculations concerning John Cage’s work Indeterminacy. See The Falls for extensive use of this number.
«92», a song by Avail from their 1996 album 4am Friday
Seville Expo ’92 took place in Seville, Spain from April 20 to October 12, 1992
The International Exhibition Genoa ’92 Colombo ’92 took place in Genoa, Italy from May 15 to August 15, 1992
STS-92 Space Shuttle Discovery mission, on October 11, 2000 to the International Space Station
The 92nd Street Y in Manhattan


The Saab 92 automobile
The USS Tacoma (PG-92) gunboat

In sports

The 92 Club is a society of association football fans who have attended a home match of all 92 current member clubs of the Premier League and English Football League in England and Wales.